Monday, September 24, 2012

Kai's Public School


Kai is into his 3rd week of school and I am so incredibly pleased with it.   The public auditory/oral school is housed in a brand new building along with the Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE)  and the Courage Center which is a  private Pediatric Rehabilitation Center that he attends.   The first week Kai attended school he had new braces fitted for his feet since he out grew the original pair.   His physical therapist from ECSE would go down to his room and remove his braces daily and check his feet for sores.   She taught each of the teachers how to put his braces on properly.   Next week we are going to have Kai wear his Theratog (compression suit) and the ECSE physical therapist will show myself and the teachers how to put it on Kai.   Additionally the ECSE occupational therapist has been showing the teachers the proper way Kai should be sitting so that he can concentrate on learning rather than stabilizing his body.   On Tuesday afternoon's Kai walks from his classroom down the hallway for his private speech therapy at Courage Center.   The collaboration between the three entities is more than I could have dreamed.   With this school the whole child is being treated and I think it has been a fabulous first 3 weeks. 

With that said, there are some things that I need to address with the school regarding Kai's IEP.   Ugh...   To be honest, I dread it, but as I wrote in my previous emails regarding IEP's I am his advocate and I need to hold the school accountable to follow the IEP.   It is such a critical time right now for Kai regarding speech and I want to make sure that he is pushed in his expressive language. 

Sidenote:   My computer died...funny... how a glass of lemonade and electronics don't mix...oops.   Pictures may be a little scarce until I get a new computer.   This old computer wants to load all 677 of my pix from my disc and doesn't provide an option to pick and choose the latest pictures.  That is probably the most expensive lemonade I ever poured...


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