Sunday, November 25, 2012


Oh No!! I have been waiting to get a new laptop so that I can finally download my pictures from my camera to my new computer and then update the blog with pictures.   Well...we got the new computer and when I went to upload the blog told me that I am out of GB for pictures!!!  Ugh!   I have to figure out if I want to pay a monthly fee to continue or if I should move to another platform that allows me to blog.   I will let you know what I decide.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Holding the Moon

Bei holding the moon!  My clever friend Beth took this picture at our cabin and I just love it!
Bei is definitely growing into such a wonderful little man!   First grade is being kind to him and he is doing well over all.  He is such a smartie!   Bei loves to conduct experiments and one of the things that Dan purchased for him is a rocket that propels into the air once you dump a solution in to it.   Recently, they were going to spend another Saturday afternoon watching it blast into the sky. So I quietly pulled Dan aside (or so I thought) and said "I think you should get on youtube and find out why that solution creates the explosion that propels the rocket to the sky and then explain it to Bei so he is learning."   With that I hear Bei say, "Mom, I already know why...when you mix vinegar and baking soda together it becomes carbonated and then it makes it explode."   Dan added "yeah Liz, that is why baking soda is called bi sodium carbonate...duh."   Okay, he didn't say the duh part but I felt like a duh.   The next day Bei and I were playing with this ball that I ordered on-line that bounces up in the air 75 feet.   I said to Bei "I wonder how they can get this ball to bounce so high."   Bei immediately said "it is mixed with Helium."   How does he know these things???  He is 6 years old!    I am assuming he is right.   Bei has been a really fun child for me to raise.  I love his sense of humor, his kindess and sensitivity and how he loves so unconditionally.   
 So sad...but I have succumbed to stealing pictures off of my facebook page since we don't have a computer to offload my pictures from my camera.

Kai is doing incredibly well.  First of all, I have to report that he is only waking up once or twice a night and I can get him back to sleep relatively easy.   This is a huge change for us!!!  I am finally getting a consistent good night sleep.   Honestly, I don't know how either of us functioned during the day at times.  One night he got 4 hours of sleep and I got 2 was really rough at times.   I wonder if those twenty years that the lack of sleep has aged me will disappear with good consistent sleep.  I can only hope...  
Our other great news is that we have found a new therapy place for Kai.   The first time he had therapy at this new clinic, called Functional Kids, I felt as if the heavens opened up and the angels started singing.   The therapy is purposeful and is focused on all of his various therapy needs.   The philosophy of the clinic is based on Sensory Integration, which ties neurology to sensory input.   For example, part Kai's Ataxia is that he doesn't know where his body is in space.   You and I understand where are thighs are even though we don't necessarily feel them at all times.   A child like Kai doesn't know where parts of his body are in relation to the floor, wall or other things.   Kai might also be experiencing dizziness due to his ataxia.   They provide what I call dizzy therapy where they spin him on a swing in a purposeful way.   We are brushing his skin and doing joint compression masages several times a day to get that sensory input waking up the nerves to talk to his brain.   Many of the kids do listening therapy where they have headphones on their head listening to a music that creates a natural body rhythm that they may lack.   If your child is autistic, ADHD or has neurological issues like Kai I would highly recommend this place.   I am also going to start speech therapy at Functional Kids because they told me that they can help with his swallowing, drooling and his oral motor delay.   He needs alot of help in that area.   His tongue is so under developed and he still does not swallow correctly.   To say the least I am excited and hopeful about his future. 
His school continues to go extremely well.  He recently started to wear a Theratog or a compression suit.   The physical therapist from the school district taught the teachers how to put it on him daily so I don't have to deal with it in the morning.   It is a complicated contraption.   If you have ever heard of Kinesio Tape it is similar to that but is more comfortable and can be taken on and off.   The best part of Kai's school is that he loves it!!!   He loves going and is so happy when I pick him up.   He has started babbling and jabbering full force.  To hear him babble and say "mom" or "mo" for more is music to my ears.  
Things are going really well for both boys!  I have two very happy and joyful boys.   I feel so priviledged and blessed to be called the mother of these two incredibly special little men.   Lucky me!!