Friday, September 11, 2015


I can not express how AWESOME this little boy is!!!   Both Dan and I are totally smitten with him.  He has Dan totally wrapped around his little finger.   He loves to be outside with his Daddy working in the garage or putzing around the lawn.   He is incredibly sweet!   When I wash my hands after going the bathroom, he praises me and says "Good Job Mama".    He likes to say "No, Thank You".  I think he learned that one on Thomas the Train DVD.    He already knows the tune to Thomas the Train and Signing Times with Alex and Leah.  You will find him singing either tune randomly during the tune...I might add.  He LOVES music!  He talks in Chinese to us but the translator doesn't do a very good job translating it.  Many times the translation has nothing to do with the topic at hand.   He seems to understand English really well.   He knows all of his ABC's and likes to draw.   His muscles are weak at the moment but I think he will make a good gymnast.  He loves to hang and climb on things like a little monkey.   This little guy can entertain himself for hours!!  He is creative and plays by himself for hours, if I let him.   He is a dream!  We are feeling incredibly blessed to have him in our life.

He struggled with going to bed at night but has gotten better the past few nights.   Now, tonight he regressed and wanted to be downstairs on the couch to fall asleep.   It breaks my heart that he is so afraid that he can't find comfort with me sleeping next to him.   We are moving in the right direction.

One of the neat things about Hugh's orphanage is that there is an American Sponsored school right at the orphanage.   It is sponsored by a company in California.  I don't know the back story to it yet, but want to look into the impetus of a school being sponsored by an American company.   Anyway, as you all know we named our little boy Hugh because his Chinese name was Hua and we thought they would sound similar.   Well, Hua is actually pronounced Quagmire.   The day of adoption we received several folders full of Hugh's American school work.   The American name they had given him was Hugo!   We were so close!!  So if we call him Hugh...he will say "No! Hugo!   Hugo rolls off my tongue easily and if it makes him happy, we will do it.   When he came to the US as a host child, I don't know why they changed his name to Diego.   To me that doesn't make any sense.

I can't wait until family and friends start to meet Hugo!  He is still displaying a lot of orphanage behavior in the kissing department.  Hugging and kissing people at Kai's school and trying to kiss the few people that we have introduced him to.   So be forewarned, that we really need people to redirect him and tell him kisses are only for mama and baba (dad).

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