Sunday, September 27, 2015

God Knew...

God knew something that we didn't know...there was missing piece to our family.   His name was Zhou Xiao Hua and he was waiting in China for us to come and get him.   Hugh had to wait 6 long years for us, but we have to believe that God's timing is perfect.   Hugh has added so much to our lives and we have only been together for 33 days!   He and Kai have become playmates.  They play, they laugh, they squeal and every now and then they fight, but they are brothers.   Hugh is learning how to share which is a little bit more difficult for him.   Hugh and Bei are connecting on different levels, video games, playing ball, origami.  Sometimes, Hugh goes up to Bei and hugs him randomly and I am teaching Bei to hug back.  He is not use to having a brother love on him like that!   Another awesome connection has been between Bei and Kai.  They are connecting more and playing more.  Today, Dan took Bei and Kai out on the boat and to the beach.   Kai is so proud to be one of the big boys!  Hugh and I stayed at the cabin because he wasn't feeling well.

We have had Hugh's eyes checked and he is getting glasses sometime this week.   I asked for an interpreter so that we made sure that we got the right prescription for him from the get go.   The interpreter was fantastic.  He was a sweet Chinese man who is living here on a green card and works at the University.   Anyway, we were able to ask Hugh specific questions through the interpreter.   We asked him if he missed China.   He told the interpreter, yes, because he has 5 very close friends that he misses very much!   We asked if he ever left the orphanage and he told us that he went swimming and the kids would gang up on the nannies with water squirt guns to get them wet.  We asked him if he liked living with us and if he was happy.   He said, yes that mama and baba are very nice.   We also asked the interpreter to explain to him that he is our forever son and he is not going back to the orphanage ever.  That he will live with us and be our son.   The interpreter told us that Hugh was somewhat confused about that but is happy he is not going back.  I also told him to tell him not to be afraid at night, that I will keep him safe and I will sleep with him.    Since the interpreter talked with Hugh, we've noticed that he is happier and going to sleep much better.    The interpreter also told us that Hugh's Mandarin is very good and he is very articulate.   He said he is quick and smart.   Dan and I are really considering getting a Mandarin tutor so that he can keep his language.
Speaking of language, he is picking up English very well.

So many times people say to us, that the boys are lucky to have us.  Believe me, we are the lucky ones!   And once again, God has blessed us with a little boy that was meant to be our son and the brother to Bei and Kai!   God knew!!!

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