Sunday, August 23, 2015

Where is the Parachute?

Oh my gosh…where do I begin.   Well let me tell you if I ever say I want to go to China again and take a 21 hour flight with two kids (specifically Kai) duct tape me and lock me in a closet.   I knew the flight was going to be a long one when Kai began asking me "where we going?" and "what day is it?" every minute on the minute, without reprieve.   It is like the old water torture, one droplet on the forehead at a time until you can't take it anymore.   The other "fun" part of the first leg of our journey was that Kai was mad that we were in a bulkhead seat…seriously kid?  Then to top it off, I noticed that Kai was picking food out of his teeth that was stuck between for the first hour while we were on the plane.  Yes, dirty, germ soaked fingers in his mouth but I understand when you have something stuck and it just annoys you, so I let him be.   After about an hour, Kai handed me the chicken that was stuck in his tooth EXCEPT it wasn't chicken but his tooth!!!   The kid had pulled out his own tooth!  I am assuming it was loose.   Ironically, Bei had lost a tooth earlier in the day!   

So we get to LAX and it is 11:30 p.m. Minnesota time.   Kai has slept one hour on the plane to California and Bei hasn't slept at all and is exhausted.   It is around this time that I wonder, why on God's green earth did I ever think a night flight to China would be the best way to travel.  Note to self…no crazy night flights anymore!!!  But wait, we have this same flight back from China…oh joy…   Anyway, Bei hits the hard bench like seats of China Southern and immediately falls asleep.  Kai eventually falls asleep and both boys sleep for about 5 hours total of the 15 hour plane ride.  Which means we go back to the torture of one drop at a time, "where are we going?"  "What day is today?"  Let me add that if a person that weighs 100 pounds more than you advises you to ditch the warm cover up because planes have those wonderful ultra thin blankets that wouldn't keep a heating pad warm, don't listen!!!   Then when that same said person says he was warm the entire trip as you froze the entire time, try not to stick out your tongue and give him a raspberry sound.    

To be honest yesterday I took my eye off of the prize.   Twenty-one hours of flying time about did me in!  It was about 5 hours too long.  I really didn't think about Hugh much because I was busy surviving.   

However, I will ask that you pray for all of ours transition tomorrow.  Prayers that Hugh is prepared and is ready to accept us as a family.   Prayers that Hugh's motion sickness is not too bad while we are in China but more importantly on our way home.  Prayers that the boys are ready to accept a new brother.   Prayers that Dan and I able to meet his needs and connect with Hugh.  

BTW, Kai is befuddled about what happened to Saturday.  Friday we left for China and today is Sunday.  He keeps saying/signing that we forgot Saturday.  He is so cute in his rigidness.  


  1. I laughed out loud when I read that Kai handed you his tooth. I too hope it was loose! I'm glad you made it to China, and can't wait to hear how you all experienced the introduction of Hugh. Hugh got the Golden Ticket, and so did your family. Love ya!

  2. This is Beth not Matt. It won't let me select my name. This reminds me of my flight to China. After being awake for 26 hours straight I was a little loony. I awoke in a hotel room in Beijing. I don't remember the cab ride there from the airport or getting up to the room. We suddenly had snacks, drinks and there was semi-good party going on in my room. I wondered if someone had slipped something in my drink for about 10 seconds as this felt like an out of body moment. No, Matt had left me alone in the room with 3 kids while I was comatose while he shopped with our guide. Yeah....not a good parenting moment on my part but we all lived to tell. LOL!

    Sending all our love and prayers. Miss you guys and we're so excited for all of you!