Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer Fun 2013

This pretty much sum's up our summer, lots of fun at the cabin with family and friends.  We hit it hard during the week and then head back up for another fun weekend.

Miss me???   Anybody even still checking this thing anymore???   We have had an incredibly busy summer, so much so that I haven't had time to blog!  Kai has had 6 therapies a week, including an aqua therapy where they provide a co-treatment of OT and Speech at that same time.  Plus, he was in a music class, had summer school in the mornings for the auditory/oral school and currently is in the Metro Deaf Summer School program.   That little boy is busy but tired!  The most terrific news in the world has happened this summer, not only is Kai potty trained for peeing but he is totally off the bottle.  Yes, go ahead and insert your eye roll here if you want, but he was still on a bottle at night.   I finally told him that he was too big and that big boys don't have a bottle only babies do!   I honestly walked around feeling like the most courageous woman in the world for getting him off the bottle.   I had been so scared to take the one thing that calmed him away from him.   He has finally out grown his fainting spells where he would lose consciousness to deal with difficulties.  He has grown so much developmentally I knew he finally had the coping mechanisms in place to handle it.  

For Bei we go to attachment therapy on Thursdays which is incredibly insightful.   The therapist is wonderful she does everything in play mode.   Bei really enjoys it.   I am learning a lot and hopefully Bei is gaining some of the tools and skills he needs when we  separate.   Beginning school is very much on his mind and he has a lot of anxiety about it...poor thing.   I tell him that he is strong and that he has done it before many times.   Dan most likely will take him to school the first week, since separating from me is harder for him than from Dan.   It was our therapist suggestion and I think it is a good one.  Bei did not want to be in any organized extra-curricular activities this year which I agreed to for one more year.   He knows that next spring he has to join something.   He loves to play basketball and baseball in the yard and he is darn good at both.    One of Bei's strengths is that he loves challenging mind games on the IPAD that deal with physics and math.   He is fascinated by the Rubik's cube and is able to get sides of it one color but never at the same time.   He is determined to figure it out.   I love his tenacity.   He also loves anything origami.   This is sooooooooooooo out of my league.  He builds boomerangs and balls that you blow air into and they stay blown up.  I am amazed since I always hated that kind of stuff. 

This summer has also been busy with family and friend fun.   We spent an extended weekend in Chicago with my family, which was a ton of fun.   After that we have had people at the cabin every weekend.   We have enjoyed our time with each family!  It has been fun!