Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pacer Center - Champions for Children with Disabilities

Recently I was given the priviledge to share our story with Pacer so that they could use it to help educate other parents on how to advocate for their child.   You will have to scroll down a bit to see the video.   You can enlarge it by clicking on the lower right hand corner where it looks like four corners.   Here is my personal comment...(Please God let those large circles under my eyes be from not sleeping for two years and not old age!!)

Click on PACER’s Early Childhood website   Pacer Early Education Advocacy Site



  1. Liz, you look great and sound fantastic. You really are an inspiration to all who know you. It is good to know that there are agencies who have people working for them who help someone like yourself learn how to advocate for their children. Your message is for all mothers.

    Thank you, Jeannine

    1. Thank You Jeannine! Pacer is such a top notch organization and truly changed the course of our lives. I was so deep underwater before they got involved and they provided so much needed support and help. They do so many amazing things for kids with disability.