Monday, September 10, 2012


It is amazing how much your life can change in a few months.   Today, this little boy started full time school at the PUBLIC Auditory/Oral School which is now located a few blocks from Bei's school.   I am so incredibly excited about the curriculum and how his school day is structured! 

  Four months ago I still felt like I was in quicksand.  Every waking moment was consumed by my concern for Kai.   Was I doing everything I possibly could to help my Sweetie Pie get unlocked, so that he could communicate and live an independent and successful life?   Over the summer I saw so much development, so much hope for Kai's future.   I heard Kai say words like "mom", "no", "under", "bubble", "dog", not consistently, but it gives me hope.   I consistently see Kai accurately choose the letter A, M, T, B and H from a phonics IPAD application.   I see Kai choose the blue color or the red color when he was asked.  I see a little boy who wants to play and was willing to go and engage his older brother.   I see a little boy that wants to use his hands to communicate, who felt pride when he discovered a new word in signing.    I see a little boy who is willing to fight and fight hard for everything he gets.   As Kai continues to unveil himself to us, I have so much hope for his future. 


  1. Goodness I am so so happy to hear of the progress! Wonderful news. And the fact that he's stinkin' adorable doesn't hurt either!

    1. Thank you Nancy! He is as adorable in person as he is in the pictures too. He has had a long winding road. Through his tenacious spirit that I compare to a lion's he has overcome so many obstacles. He amazes me every day. I am so blessed and priviledge to be called his mom.