Friday, August 10, 2012


I wanted to call this post "Mother Knows Best", but Perplexed is much more fitting.  For the past year I believed that Kai's hearing was much better than what his Auditory Brain Stem Response (ABR) revealed.   Recently, he was tested in the auditory booth by the Audiologist and she turned to me in sheer wonder and said he is consistently responding to hearing in the mild range!!!!   When he tested in the booth at a much better hearing level I jumped for joy because finally a professional was seeing what I have thought for the past year.   My concern has been that his hearing aids are too loud and that has been the main reason why he continually has pulled out his hearing aids.   Today, we had another sedated ABR to get a better reading on his hearing.   Previously, his left ear began hearing at the 35 decibel range for certain frequencies, which is considered mild and his right ear began hearing at the 50 decibel range.   The response of the second sedated ABR is that the 35 decibel range in his left ear has now dropped to 50.   The fact that it has dropped 15 decibals totally caught me off guard.   I swear that little boy hears so much of what I have to say when he isn't aided.   However, one-third of children that  have hearing loss due to Connexin 26 have progressive hearing loss.   I pray that Kai's hearing loss doesn't continue to progress.   In the meantime, I will remain perplexed how this little boy who isn't suppose to hear my quiet voice can follow my instructions perfectly.

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