Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1st Grade Here I Come!!!


This little boy is starting first grade tomorrow!!   He has anxiety about it, but he will do well.   Today we met his teacher and found out that she has two adopted boys from Liberia...how awesome is that?   We have had a wonderful summer!   It has gone by fast.   All summer long I have been emphasizing to Bei ALL that he has accomplished!   You should see that little boy do cartwheels!  handstands!  he dives from the swim platform like a 13 year old kid, he sat on his two wheel bike for the first time this summer and immediately started riding without any assistance from me, and that little guy can hit a ball OUT OF THE PARK or in our world across the driveway!   Bei is not ready to be in any organized activities but I want him to realize all the things that he has accomplished on his own.   I am so proud of him!!!  Kai had summer school during the month of July which meant that Bei and I had what he termed as "mama time".    He and I spent several days at the zoo, mini golfing and swimming at the local lake!   We had some much needed time just the two of us.   Sad the summer is coming to a close but I have to admit that I am ready for some structure back into our routine. 

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