Saturday, August 25, 2012

Life Time Friends

 Chloe and Bei are reunited again.   Chloe was adopted from the same orphanage as Bei.

 We feel fortunate that the J family is willing to drive the 7 hours north to spend a long weekend with us.

There were alot of smiles and laughter all weekend.

 Bei's cousin's even got into the action.

Frog hunting was one of the biggest sports of the weekend!
Within 30 minutes of the kids playing together, Bei crawled up on my lap and said "I wish I could live with them."   I bet he does!!!  Five kids to play with and two of the nicest people you could ever meet for parents.   Sorry are stuck with us!!   The kids really got along well and kept themselves very busy when we weren't on the water.   The week after the J's left, Bei told me this story with GREAT INDIGNATION at least twice a day until I pointed out the illogic in his argument.   "Mom, you know the little girl with the long hair??  Ya Bei, Minah?  Ya her...she wasn't nice to me when I was mean to her!!  OH REALLY?!?!  When I finally questioned him about why he was being mean to her, he walked away and hasn't mentioned it since.   Hopefully, he wasn't too mean to her, but if anybody can take care of herself, it is Minah...she is a spitfire.   Once again she made me laugh alot.   The J's blog is

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