Thursday, October 16, 2014

School 2014

The boys have had a good start to their school year.   Bei amazed me by telling me that he was fine walking into to school the first day all by himself.   I see so much growth and maturity with him.   I not only LOVE that kid but I REALLY REALLY LIKE him.   Does that make sense?   I really like who is as a person.   He is such a good and honest person.  

Kai is repeating preschool.   He is so socially delayed that everybody felt that it would be beneficial for him to spend another year learning to play and improve his social skills.   He also has an ASL teacher assigned to him 3 mornings a week.   And he is receiving ASL instruction 4 days a week.   I recently went in to watch him at school.   I was so impressed.   He sat with the other kids, didn't put his feet on them.   He didn't wipe his drool on them as he has been known to do in the past.   He sat and listened to the teacher read a book.   When the teacher began asking the class questions, his little hand went up because he wanted to answer a question.   I am seeing growth by leaps and bounds.   His language is increasing and improving daily.  Thankfully he signs and speaks.   If I don't catch the verbal, I can follow his signs and know what he wants.   He recently started signing the question why?  Why does this blanket have cords from it?   It is an electric blanket!   Why does Dad work?   I LOVE IT!  Another sign that he recently learned is "hard".  It is so nice for him to be able to tell me when he thinks something is too hard!   He is very smart, I believe he is reading and understanding words.   He is a number crunching kiddo.   He loves his numbers.     Personality wise he is sweet and loving! 

I have been blessed beyond anything I could dream of!   

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