Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Little Buddy

Bei is my little buddy!   I want to capture his little lisp and his overall cuteness.  I had just video taped Kai and want to make sure that Bei feels included.  Today we went to Kai's therapy and I was elated when the therapist came and  invited Bei to participate in the last 20 minutes of the therapy.  They were in the ball pit together and had a blast!   Bei has a great sense of humor and is usually in a good mood.   Bei still struggles with separation anxiety and doesn't want to participate in any activities with other kids.   To be honest, I LOVE spending time with my kids and don't mind that he is a homebody.   That works well for my personality.   With that said, we begin therapy together to work on his anxiety issues.   I LOVE that little boy to his core!!! 

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