Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Sophia, Bei, Rosalia and Gabe

Two years ago when we moved, one of my primary prayers was that I would find good Christian women to build a friendship.   God has more than answered my prayer!   We chose half day Kindergarten last year for Bei, and there were 4 other mom's that also chose half-day for their child.   Those mom's are the people who have become my friends and my support.  

Recently Kai was sick and I asked Sophia's mom if she would walk Bei out of the school and I would pick him up at the curb.   Instead she insisted on driving him out to our house.    Kai was able to have an extra long nap because of her generosity.   The next day, Rosalia's mom called me and said she would drive Bei home if Kai was still sick.   It would have been a 20 mile round trip drive for her!!   Later in the week, Kai was sick again, (he has double ear infection) and Gabe's mom picked up Bei from school and the boys had a fun playdate.   Once again, Kai was able to have a nice long nap.   These women and the children involved in Bei's life are answers to prayers!!  And Bei has some wonderful friends that he is building his childhood memories with.

I am blessed!

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