Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I Have A Plan!

 I don't have my Christmas Pictures loaded but here are some Halloween Pictures!

Bei was able to carve the entire face with a butter knife.  He was so proud of himself!

The week leading up to Christmas was HE double hockey sticks.   If I didn't know better I would almost think I was going through a hazing week in college.   Each day brought a new obstacle to face.   It started out last Saturday night with Kai having multiple Grand Mal Seizures and eventually being transported to the hospital by Ambulance on Sunday morning.   He was just wiped after the seizures and there was no way he could go to school for most of the week.   His poor little brain needed a good rest.   On Tuesday, Bei and I pulled an "all nighter", my normally healthy kid spent the night throwing up and could not go to school on Wednesday.  This is the week leading up to Christmas where we are having 20 people over for dinner on Christmas Eve.   My house needed a good cleaning, all the presents needed to be purchased, grocery shopping needed to be completed, there was a lot of work that needed to be done.  Dan told me multiple times to get our former housekeeper to come and clean the house, however, I kept telling him "I have a plan!"   It really was two fold, I don't like people in my house when I am dealing with sick kids and I really thought that I could pull it all off.    Thursday rolled around and I finally can get both kids off to school and here is where "my plan" goes into action.   EXCEPT...I end up driving off the edge of my driveway and into a snow bank where I then have to spend hours digging myself out.  I finally dig myself out to find out I have locked myself out of my house...there goes my plan for the day!!!  While picking up Bei at school that same day one of the mom's asked if I was stressed about having Christmas Eve dinner and I said "Nah, I am a type C- personality.  What gets done, gets done...I don't worry about the rest."  Oh yeah, I am a big talker like that, thinking I am all cool and not stressed.   Thursday night Dan pretty much begged me to call our former cleaning lady...but I still believe in "my plan."   Friday is going to be a big day for me and I am going to be extremely productive in cleaning the house, buying all the presents and going grocery shopping...all in the 2.5 hours I have in the morning without Kai.   I wake up Friday morning to literally a fire in my belly...I don't feel well.   Last year I was diagnosed with something like a stomach ulcer.   Even though I am not nervous on the outside my inside is screaming "FOOL!!  YOUR PLAN IS FAILING!!!   On top of my own illness, Kai's school calls me after he has been there for only an hour to tell me that they think he has Thrush (he doesn't) and they want me to come pick him up.   The day was shot and I was still not feeling well. 
 Then finally on Saturday my week took a turn for the better, because my mom flew in from Chicago to spend Christmas with us.   Even though I am close to 50 years old I still need my mom!!!   And like mom's do she made everything right.   She worked her tail off!   We cleaned, we cooked and we cleaned some more.   She played with the kids while I cleaned and then I played with the kids while she cleaned.  She wrapped every single one of the kids presents like a professional while I put the bows on them.   She was amazing!!!   She was a cooking machine and she is a great cook!!!  We were able to pull out Christmas Eve dinner for 20+ people with an immaculately cleaned house and had lots and lots of presents under the tree for the kids on Christmas morning.   I don't know why everybody was so worried...I had a plan...



  1. Liz, you had me laughing out loud. I have had the same wonderful experience of my plan falling apart and mom stepping up and helping me pull it all together. We are very fortunate to have a mom who is nonsense when we need her to be.
    Remember when I was having Ben's confirmation party and you found out I has having 60 people the next day and I hadn't even decided on a menu:)
    I had a plan included you and mom.
    I'm glad you are all well and had a nice Christmas.

    1. Jeannine,

      Nobody could ever accuse us of being Type A personalities! Yes, I remember the confirmation weekend well. I remember decorating the garage until 1:00 a.m. in the .05 chance of rain the next day. And me asking you every 10 minutes "what about the food for tomorrow????" I also remember mom coming in with her glory grabbing army size bowl of potato salad and everybody raving about the "best potato salad ever". about the 15 side salads sitting next to the potato salad that a somebody pulled together because another somebody never put together a menu????? Believe me I am not scarred...much...I will get over it...someday...