Tuesday, May 29, 2012

7 Days of Eating

 Mr. Independent doesn't allow me to just plop him in his chair when it is time to eat.

 He always moves a chair next to his and climbs up on his own.

 Certain personality types have a cow when they see this kid who has the wobbles (Ataxia) standing on chairs by himself.   My thought is that he knows what he is doing and he has to figure it out himself.   Even if I tried to help him he would swat me away.  Did I mention that he is independent?

 Done Mom!

 Is Bei playing Wii without me???

Breakfast is GREAT! 

 Kai usually hangs on to his utensil while he finger feeds himself.   Having the wobbles (Ataxia) makes it challenging to hit your pie hole.

 This little boy is probably my best eater!

On days that I have to get something done in the morning then I let the boys eat out in the sunroom.  I call them cheat days.

One of my favorite bloggers www.nancyvnjourney.blogspot.com  challenged readers to take pictures of the same activity for 7 days.   So you know how some mom's love their childs hands and feet, I love to watch my kids eat.   Bei didn't want his picture taken, so this is all about Kai.  I was able to get 3 different days of Kai eating.   

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  1. I think what strikes me is how much more you know about someone by a series these series of pics of the same thing, compared to just one pic.
    Like, one of my kids holds the fork too and eats with her hands often. And that whole moving around thing while eating... ya, maybe that's more normal than I was thinking???
    Eating in his pull-up and moving the chair over??? Oh my goodness, that's too adorable!
    thx for sharing! I wasn't sure if anyone would!