Monday, May 13, 2013

What To Do???

 The boys playing a rare warm spring day with Bei's friend Gabe.

I tease my boy that at lunch time they must say "Can I please have a "Bei" I need to wipe my hands".   Somebody should really teach that kid how to use a napkin!!

I am not only grateful for the few people that follow my blog but I actually feel obliged to keep it updated for you.   I haven't been doing a very good job of that lately.   Unfortunately, I am feeling pre-occupied at the moment because we are conducting Kai's IEP for next school year.  

His school is really pushing for him to attend the local Deaf school part time.   It would be 3 days at his current auditory/oral school and 2 days at the deaf school.   They really believe that he needs to be with other kids who sign since that is his language of choice.   Oh yeah...have I mentioned that they are having behavioral problems with Kai at school.   Pinching and hitting...ugh...  I see it at home too but not to the extent that they do at school.   So here is the dilemma...he recently was diagnosed with Apraxia which in my mind changes everything.  It means that his treatment plan is different in private therapy and it really should be at his school too.   Kai has recently begun to talk...not like your kid talks, but like a child that doesn't hear well and has Apraxia.    Here is an example, Kai wanted to tell me about the bus in front of his school, I couldn't figure out his sign for it and he finally said "bu"   Oh the bus!  He will say "Ruh" for red.   This is huge!!!  He use to have to be prompted to say anything and it never even sounded close, but now he is spontaneously saying close approximations.   He has turned a pivotal corner and understands that talking is language and a way to communicate.   I hate to stop the progress.    The other big piece for me is the fact that he is having seizures and we haven't been able to get them under control.   I trust his current school staff and it is close by if something happens.   If he goes to the Deaf school it is in the city and will be a 40 to  45 minute drive in rush hour traffic one way.   He would have to get up at least 45 minutes earlier.   A good nights rest is a very important part of keeping seizures under control.   Dan only has an hour at night with the boys right now.  If I put him to bed any earlier Dan will never see him.  

I wish there was a crystal ball and I could see what the best decision is for him.   At some point, I see the Deaf school as an option for Kai.   American Sign Language will always be a primary language for him even if he can talk at some point.   Articulation will be an issue for him.  

I appreciate prayers!! 

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