Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Face of God

This is a picture of Kai a year ago from this month.   He has come so far!

To love somebody is to see the face of God.   I recently heard this quote and thought that it summed up what my last post was trying to say.  When I look at Kai every day I see the face of God.  He is everything I would like to achieve and be some day.  He is fearless, determined, tenacious, powerful, loving, innocent, trusting and intelligent.  

At this time last year Kai was evaluated by the school district and some of the labels that were applied to him can be daunting.  When reading diagnosis such as Severe Receptive and Expressive Language Disorder it can be a real kick in the stomach .   In every area that he was evaluated he scored -3 STD from the mean with the exception of Cognitively Delayed he tested -1 STD from the mean.    However, I know that he is not a sum of his labels but rather a unique little boy with special needs and abilities.  On one part of the evaluation it stated "Kai is unable to physically point to any of the named pictures of the test, therefore, there was no basal or ceiling obtained for the test."   A year ago, Kai didn't have the fine motor skills to even point.  He was so locked in by his own body that an accurate picture of who Kai is meant to be is still being revealed.   Oh my, how far that little boy has come in one years time.  Today that same little boy is signing in ASL signs that require complicated fine motor skills.   He is identify the letters of the alphabet, he is counting, he is communicating his needs mostly through ASL.   We celebrated his birthday today, he turned 4 years old.   We celebrated without candles because he doesn't have the ability to blow outward.   There is still much work ahead for Kai, however, we celebrate Kai where he was yesterday and where he is today.   To love somebody is to see the face of God.  Indeed!! 

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