Monday, October 22, 2012

Living with Mr. Independent

This post is about the day in the life of a very independent 3 year old named Kai Kai Sweetie Pie.   When Kai hears the radio alarm go off in the morning he turns into the Tanzmanian Devil.   His feet are flying as he kicks off the blankets and jumps out of bed and races over to the alarm clock as if all of us were at his heels...we are not.  He looks back at me and points at me as if to say "don't even think about getting out of that bed!"   (Yes, we are still co-sleeping).  I spend the rest of the day decoding the many mysteries of what I am actually allowed to do for Kai.   If I open the bedroom door and Mr. Independent hasn't blessed me with the priviledge of opening the door for the day, I may get a full blown meltdown or he may look at me directly in my eye and point to himself with both hands, where I automatically voice "Kai Kai do it".   I then shut the door and let Mr. Independent do it himself.   Our morning pretty much continues like this, Kai has to pick out his own diaper, get his own utensils, get his own plate, cut his own food, he is independent to the max!  If I slip up and accidently do something for him that he doesn't want done, he gives me the look, I say "Kai Kai Do it", he goes and does it and we are on good terms again.    If I try to help him with anything, I get either a swat or a fervent headshake no.    He would definitely drive us all to school and has tried to wrestle the car keys from me, but I have won that battle. 
The car seat is my nemesis since he won't let me help him and it takes him forever to get seated and buckled.   I actually build in 10 minutes to our schedule for him to buckle up.   Now his older brother will gladly say "mom will you belt me in?"  I'll say "you are 6 years old, you can belt yourself".   His come back is "I like it so much better when you do it".   I bet he does!!!!   Mr. Independent goes to school happily with a great big smile on his face.    When I go to pick him up he see's me from down the hall and begins to run with his arms out like an airplane to keep his balance and he falls into my arms and gives me his open mouth kiss.  That is one of my favorite moments of the day and I cherish it.  Then he immediately gets back to business of independence and bossying me around.   As we leave the school, he directs me to the doors that I am to walk out which are never the same as him.   He wants to push the automatic door buttons and  open every heavy door.  Lord help me if he see's that I am assisting him in any way, he has to start all over again.   Unloading the dishwasher has become a secret sport.   I try to do it when he is asleep, at school or busy playing.   Otherwise, Mr. Independent  stands on the counter tops with me holding him and I hand him each individual item and he puts it away.   To his credit, he hasn't dropped a piece yet ( I put away all the glasses ).   I know, I know...I am my own worst enemy.   He also helps with the wash, sweeping, name it that kid does it.   It is a blessing that Kai is so independent and wants to do and accomplish so much.  I think it will continue to serve him well.    

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